Device Info

BlueForest can aggregates device info such battery level, refresh rate… Device info message is described below.


Device Info object


The deviceinfo object encapsule the informations and properties of a device.

Property Name Type Card. Description
v Version string 1 Deviceinfo Version. Actually : 2.0
t Timestamp DateTime 1 Timestamp when this deviceinfo message was generated. UTC Time
d DeviceId string 1 Device Id
i Infos Infos 1 Infos


Infos object


The infos object is a dynamic object. It is composed of user-customizable key-value properties. Key are fully customizable and up to the user, yet a specific key is officialy supported and processed by BlueForest. Supported key are listed below.

Property Name Type Card. Description
fwVersion Firmware Version string ? Current Firmware version
battery Battery level Int32 ? Battery level (%)
refresh Refresh Refresh ? or * List of Refresh


Refresh object


The refresh object is an object describing refresh rate of a measurement.

Property Name Type Card. Description
measurement Measurement string 1 Measurement name
measurementRefresh Measurement Refresh Int64 1 Refresh rate of the measurement (ms)
communicationRefresh Communication Refresh Int64 1 Refresh rate for the data transfer to server (ms)

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