Grafana Connector

This documentation explains how to setup and configure the Grafana BlueForest plugin to visualize your devices’ data. If you’re using a Grafana server hosted by DotVision, you can directly jump to the Visualize data section.

Request the plugin

Request the plugin from our Support platform. Please include ‘Grafana setup request’ in the title and provide the full domain/IP of your hosting machine. You should then receive the plugin sources in the next 72 hours.

Install the plugin

Copy the plugin folder into your Grafana plugins folder. If you haven’t install any plugin yet, you will first have to specify your plugins folder. To do so, locate your Grafana installation (C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs by default on Windows) and navigate to grafana/conf. Copy defaults.ini and rename it custom.ini. Then open custom.ini in the editor of your choice and specify the plugins folder location in the [paths] section. For example:

plugins = C:\grafana-plugins

You may now copy the plugin folder into this folder. If you restart Grafana, you should see it being loaded in the logs.

Configure the plugin

Open your Grafana instance in a browser, login and navigate to Configuration -> Data Sources. The BlueForest plugin should be listed. Click on it to access the plugin configuration. This is where you configure the tokens that secure access to your data.

You first have to provide your tenant ID, which can be found in Parameters -> Organization in the BlueForest Dashboard.

Generate Grafana tokens

You can generate Grafana tokens from the BlueForest dashboard. Click on Live Data in the side menu, and select the Grafana tab. Then click on Generate a new token, and that’s it. You can copy the token name and the token secret in the corresponding fields in the Grafana plugin configuration page.

Click on Save and test to make sure everything works.

Visualize data

Now that the BlueForest plugin is configured, you can start using it in your Grafana dashboards.

Before going any further, be aware that you must define the Digital Twin Model for the devices you want to monitor with Grafana. Find more about Digital Twin Models here.

Create a new dashboard, add a panel, click on the panel title and select Edit. In the query panel, choose BlueForest as the data source. You can then select/search a device, choose a measurement and optionally define the path to the value you want to display.

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