Platform Overview

BlueForest is a device management platform developped by DotVision that enables developers of IoT applications to implement two-way communications between end devices (such as sensors, final control elements, embedded devices, etc.) and the cloud by creating data channels.

IoT Platform

BlueForest architecture overview


Message Broker


BlueForest provide a message broker to connect devices to the IoT platform over heterogeous networks. The message broker support various protocols, such as the MQTT and HTTPs protocols (CoAP coming soon).

Devices can use the message broker for real-time reliable two-way communication with the cloud through the IoT Platform.


Big Data Store


Store and query historical changes to a device state or commands sent over the wire from the time series database. BlueForest offers a data persistence layer on top of the broker’s messaging service. This allows data published by devices to be stored for later retrieval. Time series data can be used for purposes like analytics or for creating visualizations of historical values.


Alarm Processor


With data monitoring, BlueForest offer the possibility to trigger alarms based on rules. Set automated alerts and actions on criteria that you define and get real-time updates on the health of your assets.


Analytics & AI ready


BlueForest offers in depth reporting and analysis capabilities with customizable dashboard.


Device Management


Automate IoT device provisioning and commisioning to accelerate your IoT deployment. Flexible tools allow the customer to effectively operate connected devices by abstracting from their specific hardware implementation and the protocol used. Features to manage devices are :

  • lifecycle management
  • device groups
  • device twins
  • remote firmware upgrade
  • online debugging
  • online device simulation
  • remote maintenance
  • real-time monitoring


Device Security


Security is very important to IoT. BlueForest IoT Platform offers a multi-layered security strategy to ensure that the connection between devices and the cloud is secure.

  • Device Identity Management
  • End-to-end encryption (RSA and AES support)
  • Certificate managment
  • Authorization provided at the device level
  • Token management


User Security


To address tenants’ security requirements in the most effective way, BlueForest offers :

  • Secured connection over SSL/TLS encryption
  • Security authentication and authorization policies
  • User-account control
  • Access management
  • Multi-tenants solution




BlueForest supports persistent connections with million devices and allows linear dynamic scaling. Use our IoT platform to securely connect, monitor, and manage millions of devices to develop IoT applications.




A clustered infrastructure ensure the service availability and allows auto migration in a single point of failure.




Many IoT Platform features are exposed via secured RESTFUL APIs for integration purpose. BlueForest also offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) for quick connections between devices and the cloud.


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